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Fri, Feb 26, 03:31 PM

Never a stable domain name, but:

Geocities Artisanal HTML Dreamweaver HTML (MM_rollover) Moveable Type (why) WordPress Artisan HTML again Drupal (why) Jekyll Drupal (why) Custom static site generator from Drupal API (god why) Express + markdown (now)

Fri, Feb 26, 03:31 PM

The most hardcore of the Gender Critical Conspiracy adherents actually believe that trans people are being bank-rolled by big tech companies and are preparing to bring about Transhumanism.

Fri, Feb 26, 03:31 PM

I'm glad to see that I can carry on ticking "female" in the UK census just as I have done for the last however many I've done.

Alice, love, did you honestly think I was suddenly gonna start ticking "male" just to satisfy your deep-seated dislike of trans women?