A note from 2021-04-04

Okay, so I started smoking again a few months ago. Fucking awful habit, and this time it made me actually feel ill. But I couldn’t stop. Each lungful felt amazing, but afterwards I felt sick as a dog. Like my body was giving me side eye.

So the other night I smocked a lot during a Friday night pre-curfew bender. The resulting hangover was absolutely awful. Proper 24 hour stuff. But it all felt like the aftermath of the fags.

So my ciggies have been cut up and put in the bin. No more.

“Weren’t you vaping, charlie?” some of the more observant of you might ask. Yeah, I was. But I gave that up in anger after my autoimmune disease kicked in. I have a high chance of having something called Scleroderma, which is something some folk have a tendency for and is activated by... inhaling the products that are often found in vaping kits.

It possibly correlation, but also possibly causation that my autoimmune symptoms started a few days after I started vaping...

But I have the disease now and maybe I can go back on the vapes? Gonna have to try and see.

By Charlie Owen on