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I try to jot down my thoughts as I go. I publish them here and then syndicate them to other platforms, like Twitter.

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A note from 2021-02-19

Okay #indieweb and web folk. How can I share from a native app (like Firefox or Twitter) to a PWA on iOS Safari?

On Android I'd use the Web Share Target API. What options are there for iOS?

A note from 2021-02-19

So my diagnosis of plymyalgiawhydomylimbshurtallthetimehgod has been knocked back to a 50% possibility and now I've gotta go see rheumatology specialists, pronto, as my antibody count is all wonky.

A note from 2021-02-18

Sitting here with the iPhone 12 Pro Max kaufen page open and pointer over "buy now".

I just want a good camera, you know?

🥰 my travel cam but I look 57 using it. Amazing quality but no eye viewfinder: just me holding it at arms length with both hands, squinting at the screen.

A note from 2021-02-18

No one wants to hear "yeah, the interfaces you build for internal customers have to be accessible too".

What, you think our 15,000 person company doesn't employ any people with disabilities? 😂

A note from 2021-02-12

I always love how capitalist tech nerds claim that a post-capitalist economy would never work.

"nobody will perform labour unless they are forced to do so!!" they shriek, while npm installing completely free code written by a volunteer.

A note from 2021-02-12

Well, it's looking likely that I have an immune disorder called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Got a few more tests to get done to rule out anything else, but it's looking 90% certain.

At least I pretty much know what's causing the pain now.