Week Note 1

By Charlie Owen on

Episode IV: A New Start (at week noting).

I've heard the phrase "week note" bandied about by some people. I love the idea: each week you sit down and you force yourself to write, summarising the previous seven days, and anything interesting you've found out during them. As someone who fancies herself as a writer (in the full Victorian sense), but rarely types anything more creative than a policy document, this forced writing mode is very appealing. So.

  • I've spent far, far, FAR too long fucking about with my website. Having started out with Geocities, then HTML, then Moveable Type, then Wordpress, the Drupal, then Jekyll, then Hugo, then Metalsmith, then Craft CMS, I have finally landed back at Drupal. No, don't fucking scoff at that. For a start, I know it well: I contracted as a Drupal developer for several years. I've been through the enormously steep learning curve (a curve not owing to particularly high tech features, but simply because there's so many ways of dealing with it all). Secondly, it's well supported, has a huge community, and perfectly serves my primary need. Namely, owning my own data...
  • Because I've gone full in for the Indieweb, baby! I ruddy LOVE it. Plus, I piss and moan about the media giants, so it's time to actually put my money where my mouth is. I've been using the relatively new and very exciting Indieweb module from swentel that handles pretty much every Indieweb technique that I can think of.
  • International Women's Day was yesterday. I met up with friends and we took part in the Frauen Purple Ride, where we rode to Lichtenburg and protested outside a women's prison. It rained heavily rained and for that I obviously blame the patriarchy.
  • On the same day I went to see Captain Marvel which I've been looking forward to for a year, and when I finally saw it it had me in TEARS, it was so representative and true. I honestly cried so much. If you're a woman and a sci-fi fan (because otherwise flying space wizards and interstellar goblins might be weird) then this film is for you.
  • I'm using the food science skills of my friend FJ as a way to get started on eating better. I realise how much crap I put in my body. So much processed nonsense. Time to do a bit better.

So there was a Week Note. The first one. Let's keep this up.