CMS Procrastination

By Charlie Owen on

I have officially (lol, officially) migrated my blog from a Metalsmith static site to Craft CMS, hosted by Fortrabbit.

I really enjoyed working with Metalsmith and Netlify. It was fantastic to have such a small tiny core app that you could expand out as you needed to. Netlify made building and deployment an absolute breeze.

But it was a constant toil to get anything working in Metalsmith - it assumes you're going to write everything, and I seemed to spend more time writing code than I did writing posts.

It was also lacking in potential for #indieweb expansion. The most it could ever do was receive webmentions via (the very fantastic) Anything more than that (such a publishing and sending Webmentions) was going to involve jury-rigged solutions involving RSS feeds and IFTTT.

So I've decided to rebase my blog on Craft CMS. It looks like it will give me the space to do more in this area. While it is currently lacking in Webmention support it feels more much scalable, and people in the community are interested in this area.

More writing, less dicking around with code.